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Campagna Ricart & Associates: awarded "Best Construction Company 1997-2001 Housing Sector-Towers and Multifamily Buildings" - Dominican Chamber of Construction (CADOCON).

Seven projects were delivered during this award-winning period from 1997-2001, approximating 38,000 m2 of construction located in the city of Santo Domingo. In each of these projects, their recognition was awarded in the following areas:

A. EXTERNAL FACADE: Prior to its foray into the construction and promotion of towers, CRA understood that very little importance was being given to the exterior façades, so it concentrated its efforts on working on them with a series of ornamental elements, cornices, false balconies, wrought iron, etc.. The customization and selection of unique styles for each project was one of the hallmarks that distinguished their accomplishments.

B. FINISHING MATERIALS AND INSTALLATION: In seeking to equip their buildings with high level terminations, they selected reliable suppliers of premium materials and skilled labor to work with, focusing on the improvement of the surfaces' termination, careful installation of imported marbles, decorative plaster, portages and special work wood, electrical and sanitary installations, bathroom and kitchen tiles, and - in short - all areas linked to the finish and termination of the constructed properties.

C. MULTIDISCIPLINARY INTEGRATION OF QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS: CRA in its buildings sites reinforced the integration of various professionals, so that the construction phase resulted in more agility and efficiency, and that proposed spaces were functional and with as much added value as possible. The obtained results are pleasant interior layouts, mezzanines' with heights suitable for lighting, ventilation and air conditioning, and electrical with flexible distribution for various possibilities of furnishing, efficient distribution of sanitary valves, etc..

D. POST-DELIVERY SERVICES OF APARTMENTS: The widespread criticism of almost all market acquirers of apartments, in the sense that - once received - were abandoned to their fate, led to the creation of a specialized structure for customer care whose services have been welcomed with great satisfaction on their part. All the above, in conjunction with a serious and responsible exercise of the activity, has made Campagna Ricart & Associates a company worthy of great trust and reputation within the real estate industry.

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