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Inchaustegui Hector Street esq. Manuel de Jesus Troncoso, Eixample Piantini, Santo Domingo, DN




22,780 m2



The project developed two underground levels designed primarily for parking lots, warehouses and passageways, also found in the basement are the power generation room, living for drivers, bathrooms, among other things. Each apartment has four or five ample parking with easy access.

In the first level of the building are presented extensive and diverse social areas composed of a gazebo, pool, jacuzzi, children's beach style pool with waterfall, sundeck, saunas, and green areas for visual delight from the terraces, that each apartment can enjoy. Among other facilities the project developed at this level a spacious multipurpose room, administrative offices and in each tower an elegant lobby and convenient gym. The vertical circulation of the project is provided by three large elevators and an emergency external staircase made of reinforced concrete.

The apartments developed in this project are provided with the following facilities: lobby, living room, study, terrace, main kitchen, family room, three bedrooms with bathroom and walk-in closet, guest bath, secondary  kitchen, terrace with service laundry area, bedroom with bathroom. The pent-houses, besides the environments described above for typical apartments, terraces consist of indoor and outdoor pool with jacuzzi, living room, and other facilities on the second level.

Main Bearing structure:

Comprising a frame system of beams, columns, shear walls and reinforced concrete slabs, eighteen structurally levels that developed the project. The compressive strength of concrete columns, beams and slabs is fc = fc = 280kg/cm ² and ² 210kg/cm for foundations, the yield stress of the reinforcing steel is 4200 kg / cm ². The slabs were lightened using the system LIGEROLOSA-


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