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Tower located across the street from The Forest of Life of the Serrallés sector, which consists of 8 apartments 560m2 types - one per level - and 1 penthouse on two levels. With an elegant design on the facade and a fair and balanced distribution of space, this building is equipped in its common areas of a gym, pool, jacuzzi and solarium, covered terrace with pantry bar, among other facilities, which - as a whole - complete a comprehensive scenario to satisfy the tastes and needs of the families who live there.


•• An apartment per level.
• Lobby / Entrance.
• Chamber.
• Hall.
• Study.
• Terrace.
• Family Room.
• Four bedrooms with ensuite and walk-in closet.
• Option three bedrooms (bedroom eliminated No. 2), expanding dimensions allowing master bedroom and private room within that room.
• ½ guest bathroom.
• Spacious main kitchen.
• Convenient secondary kitchen.
• Bedroom with bath.
• Air conditioning in bedrooms and social areas, including main kitchen (23 Ton.)
• Five (5) covered parking spaces per apartment.
• One (1) container (locker) per apartment.


• Covered carport.
• Spacious luxury lobby.
• Pool.
• Covered terrace with pantry bar.
• Open terrace.
• Area for gym - Sauna baths (2).
• Multipurpose Area.
• Playground for children.
• concierge  and drivers station and administration (office).
• Automated Vehicle Check.
• Two (2) elevators.
• Two (2) full electric plants for full use of the apartments.
• The stair railings wrought iron will.
• Common gas.
• Cistern 16,000 gallons, 2 pumps.

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