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The General construction of  the technological complex of the Reserve Bank of the Dominican Republic facility that houses the main computer centers and technological infrastructure of the institution, the work included the development of 5,500 m2 of construction of civil works carried out in several buildings, advanced electronics, including emergency generation park of 3.4 MW, a 450 UPS system Kwa, among other facilities, sanitary facilities including a general system of treatment and purification of water, a water supply system automated constant pressure; specialized installations for air conditioning systems, formed by a set screw chiller water condensation, cooling towers and other equipment, with capacity to produce 714 tons of refrigeration.

Fire suppression systems for all buildings water and clean agent (FM-200) in the areas of specialized equipment and the most modern electronic and physical security for access control of employees and visitors, monitoring and digital recording of events and events in all buildings of the complex, monitoring, alarm detection and generation, among other.


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